Performance and low latency experiments with Rust, WASM, WASI and eBPF

Hobby + research website to detail experiments in low latency and high performance code whilst attempting to make single board computers (SBC) halt and catch fire 🔥.

We strive to minimize environmental impact through responsible design and development of computer systems and technologies.

As we navigate the post-Moore’s Law era, the significance of software optimization, efficient machine architectures, and energy-efficient practices has become integral in shaping a more sustainable future (and saving the polar bears 🐻‍❄️).

Needless to say, any opinions expressed here are strictly personal and do not reflect those of our respective employers.


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Linux based infra on Radxa SBC and virtual machines.

Modern CI/CD, code audit and security scanning


Getting started with Rust. Installation and setup of Rust, Cargo and additional tools

Axum & Tokio

Introduction to the Tokio based Axum web framework


eBPF experiments with XDP, TC and kprobes in Rust for kernel bypass


Web Assembly (WASM) with Rust and WASM runtimes such as WasmEdge and WasmTime


Experiments with WebAssembly System Interface (WASI) preview 1


Kubernetes examples


Articles, configuration and notes